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I went to Robyn's yoga class last night and absolutely loved it.  She has a wonderful way of challenging you yet not pushing you beyond what you are capable of.  Perfect for all levels and a really good workout as well as making me feel relaxed and energised.  Thanks Robyn

Sara Wilson

Mind Garden Hypnotherapy 

I have been coming to Robyn’s yoga classes for about 3 years now and I look forward to her classes immensely.  I believe her fees are good value for money, always fun, relaxed, challenging and well prepared.  Yoga does not come easy to me as I suffer from Parkinson disease, a condition that effects muscle movement and balance, yet Robyn is very supportive and caters for all levels.  I love starting the day with Soul2Sole Yoga and the beautiful people who I share the hour with.  The atmosphere is friendly and Robyn is fun & bubbly.  I encourage you to come along and try it for yourself. 

Chris Sole

Robyn provides an inspiring environment where we can all feel safe and grow.  She gently guides us through the levels of yoga and encourages us to push ourselves a little further until we discover our own potential.  She does all this while still making accessing yoga affordable.  She is an awesome part of our local community. 

Amber Murdoch

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